Guidance for Navigating the Discussion Forums (Fora!)

1.  First, make sure you are logged in.  The site doesn’t automatically log you in each time - mostly it does, but occasionally it doesn’t.  And when it doesn’t, it feels like you’re on, but you’re not.  (I get this feeling a lot!)  Check the upper right hand corner of the Home page. 

2.  If you are logged on, then go to the left hand column for the "Discussion Forums" and click on that.  That takes you to a grey page with all the different forums (or fora) you can access.

3.  Click on the title of the one you want which is on the left.  If you click on the Blue comment title on the right, you will only see that one comment.  If you click on the title of the Discussion Forum on the left, it takes you to the list of topics.

4. Click on the topic you want to review to see all comments.   

5. Here’s where you’ll find “Reply” and “Quoted Reply” (whatever that is) with each comment and at the bottom of all the comments, a "Post New Topic" and “Reply” button.  If you click on the "Reply" button on the bottom, you add to the chain of comments.  

6.  If you want to start a New Topic, you can do it several ways.

     A.  After you've clicked on the Class Gift Discussion Forums, you'll arrive at the list of Forums (Fora).  Choose a Forum by clicking on the title of the Forum on the left (underlined). That takes you to the Topic List under that Forum.  Both above and below the topic list is a button that says, "Post New Topic."  Click on that button to Post a New Topic.

     B.  If you miss that opportunity and have chosen an existing topic, it will take you to the page with the comment chain on that existing topic.  Both above and below the comment chain, there is a similar button that says, "Post New Topic."  Click on this button to Post a New Topic.  

Good Luck!