HELP for Posting Pictures

Uploading pictures is pretty easy but a skipped step may make the process frustrating. 
1.  First, make sure you're logged on.
2.  Then, go to your profile.  Click on the button at the top that says "Edit Profile."
3.  Then place your cursor over the picture frame you want to fill in - for instance the "Now Picture" or the "Album." You should then see a few choices one of which is "Select photo."
4.  Click on "Select Photo" which will take you to your empty (or not if you have already uploaded pictures) photo album page with a button that says "Upload New Photo."
5.  Click on "Upload New Photo" and then find the picture you want in your own files - maybe put the pictures you want on your desktop for easy access - click on the "open" button and it will upload the picture either to the "Now" frame or your album.