Robert R. Cadmus, Jr.

Profile Updated: September 13, 2017
Robert R. Cadmus, Jr.
Spouse/Partner, children, grands and steps: Wife Nancy (Eichhorn '68, married in 1970), 2 kids, 4 grandkids
More about Spouse/Partner or Special Friends: I will allow Nancy to provide her own information if she wishes.
Career History: Entire career at Grinnell College. It has been very satisfying.
City and State: Grinnell, IA USA
Yes! Attending Reunion
Education History since Swarthmore:

MS, PhD Univ. of WI, Madison (physics). Post-doc at UNC, Chapel Hill. No regrets

Open Category for Whatever you want to tell about yourself:

I recently retired as Professor of Physics at Grinnell College in Iowa, and as holder of an endowed chair. Shortly after arrival I converted myself to an astronomer and built an observatory, which has supported my research, student education, and public outreach for over 30 years.

Nancy and I have been involved in the reconstruction of a large chunk of Iowa land. I perform in a small folksy-music band that plays around eastern Iowa and donates all proceeds to Heifer International.

Military? Alternative Service? Peace Corps? Protestor? Canada? If none of the above apply to you how did you relate to the war? Personally, through friends, family. Leave blank if you don't want to answer the question.

I did not serve in the military but we were in the middle of the often violent anti-war activities in Madison. My office was destroyed in a mis-directed bombing.

Losses, illness, challenges? Spiritual/religious musings?

Nancy and I started the Quaker Worship Group in Grinnell

Favorite memory from Swarthmore years:

The people, of course, but an event that I often recall involved aggravating the Swarthmore police by shining a spot of red laser light on the water tower, making it appear that someone was up there. The friend (also '68) who was also involved is now famous so I don't want to incriminate him without his permission.